One Week Down

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January 24, 2013 by fitscript

It has been more than one week since my newest challenge started and I have a few observations that I want to share.

Beef and veggie stir fry.  Not on the menu

Beef and veggie stir fry. Not on the menu

1.  This challenge is much more manageable because of my Paleo challenge.  I have a go-to tool kit of substitutes and alternatives.  Additionally, after my first 30 day challenge, I am confident I can get through another.

2.  For the most part, I do not crave meat.  I have been eating tofu, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  The only minor exception to that was last night when I made my son a beef, broccoli, bok choy and mushroom stir fry.  I did not crave the meat as much as I did not feel like cooking myself something different for dinner (although I did anyway).  One of the most interesting things with this experience is that even though meat is healthy, you can still eat yourself into a food coma.  That generally is not the case with fish and tofu.  You eat until you are full and then the meal is over.  You are never overly full although you are not hungry.  We will see how long the not craving meat thing lasts. I’m sure I will want Korean BBQ sometime in the next 25 days.

3.  I kind of miss my coffee although I do not feel like I need to drink a cup.  I enjoy

coffee...i miss you

coffee…i miss you

drinking coffee and for that reason I miss having a cup, but I do not feel like my body needs it to perform.  I have been drinking my favorite green tea and that is an acceptable alternative.  Although last weekend I went on a little road trip and found that the rest stops only served coffee or green tea lattes.  That was an unexpected disappointment especially in Asia.

4.  The last couple weeks have been really hectic.  My son is in a full leg cast.  I have been very busy and working late nights and my husband is traveling on business, so I really cannot say if I do or do not have more energy.  But, I will say this.  With all of the stress and chaos, I should probably feel worse or even be sick which I am not. Amen to that!

Just hanging around

Just hanging around


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