Exercise Is Not Enough and Measurements

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February 7, 2013 by fitscript

"I work-out so I can eat however I want"

“I work-out so I can eat whatever I want”

Before I outline my mid-point measurements (which are a few days late, I know), I want to discuss something very important.  Many people moved into the New Year with goals of getting fit, so they joined a gym, started taking classes or laced-up their running shoes hoping this year would be their year.  This would be the year they rolled into summer (no pun intended) without having to do some crazy crash diet or fitness routine to be beach ready.  Inevitably, for many, New Year’s also started with the latest fad diet or get skinny plan that has in all likelihood not lasted beyond the first couple weeks, if that long, but hey it’s no problem because “I’m still working out.”  Sorry to rain on your, “at least I’m exercising” parade, but that is WRONG.  Now, to be clear I’m not saying exercise is unimportant.  The benefits of physical activity are well documented, however, are you ready for this, You Cannot Out Exercise Poor Nutrition.  I will put it another way, if you do not change your eating habits, exercise will not save you.

not a good post work-out meal

not a good post work-out meal

If you are still a little uncertain, I will give you an analogy.  Imagine you are a basketball player; you just stole the ball and you are running down the court to take a lay-up and score 2 points. Right as you are about to shoot, you take your other hand and swat the ball out of bounds.  You block your own shot.  If you saw someone do that, you would think that was the craziest, most illogical thing you have ever seen.  Well that is essentially what you are doing when go for a run, finish your bootcamp, crossfit, zumba, yoga, etc class and then wash it down with unhealthy, processed, sugar loaded or greasy foods.  You do that because you think exercise is enough, but that is like me saying stealing the ball and dribbling down the court is enough, but it’s not.  You actually have to score to win.  You actually have to eat a clean healthy diet to achieve your goals.

My final thought is that there is nothing wrong with enjoying a favorite dish or a dessert, but be thoughtful about what you put in your body because you will get out of it what you put into it.  I hope through this blog you see that you do not need to be a professional chef to make delicious food and healthy food does not have to mean flavorless and boring.  Stop making excuses and start experimenting in your kitchen with healthy and delicious food!

Pan fried cod and poached egg experiment....needs some tweaks, but on the right rack

Pan fried cod and poached egg experiment….needs some tweaks, but on the right rack

My Mid-Point Measurements: (a few days late…sorry)

Muscle Mass:
Mid-Point:  28.9kg
End of Paleo:  28.9kg

Body Fat Mass:
Mid-Point:  10.5kg
End of Paleo:  10.2kg

% Body Fat
Mid-Point:  16.9%
End of Paleo: 16.4%

Hip to Waist Ratio:
Mid-Point: .82
End of Paleo: .82

Basel Metabolic Rate:
Mid-Point:  1489
End of Paleo: 1485

Mid-Point: 62.3kg
End of Paloe:  61.8kg

New breakfast idea.  2 Poached eggs over smoked salmon with dill and lemon

New breakfast idea. 2 Poached eggs over smoked salmon with dill and lemon

I took off more than 30 days and I went on a long holiday vacation with my family, so I definitely fell off the wagon a bit before this challenge.  What is interesting is that before this challenge is over, I’m basically where I was at the end of my Paleo challenge.  In the spirit of experimentation, I will do this for a couple more weeks with a change.  I have been drinking my protein shakes in the AM, but for the last couple weeks, I will eliminate them and see what happens and I will be very diligent about monitoring my sugar intake of any kind (fruit, honey etc).  It is important to understand how your body processes food, so I encourage you to do your own experiments because as noted above, you can’t overcome poor nutrition with exercise.


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