Eggs and a Little Myth Busting

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February 17, 2013 by fitscript

A dear friend and fellow expat warrior recently moved back to America.  We have had several great chats about fitness and nutrition and our shared love of the incredible and most edible egg inspired me to write and dedicate this post to her.

scrambled eggs and veggies for breakfast

scrambled eggs and veggies for breakfast

Before we get into the awesomeness of eggs, let’s start with some myth busting.  Eggs are good for you and despite popular belief, cholesterol is critical to ensuring your body functions properly.  For example:  it plays a key role in regulating protein pathways and may interact with proteins inside the cell itself.  Additionally, 25% of the cholesterol in your body is actually in your brain and is used for synapse formation.  Those connections allow you to do things like think and create memories.  To make matters worse, too little cholesterol can be detrimental to your health.

So here is the deal with dietary cholesterol   It’s almost impossible to consume as much cholesterol as your body requires to function, so your body produces it’s own.  In

Poached eggs over smoked salmon with dill and lemon

Poached eggs over smoked salmon with dill and lemon

about 70% of the population, eating foods high cholesterol foods causes little to no increase in blood cholesterol level.  In the remaining 30%, it causes some increase, however that may not actually be a bad thing.  If you are wondering why so many people are running around limiting or eliminating foods like eggs and shrimp while they take medications to lower their cholesterol yet still eat processed, fatty and sugar laced foods, well so am I.   Whole, unprocessed, refined sugar free foods like eggs and shrimp are not going to kill you, but flawed science, poor nutrition and a cabinet full of medications you may not need could.  (if you want to read more details then go here:

Now back to the star of this discussion, eggs.  Eggs contain something like 14 vitamins and minerals, not to mention protein and 8 amino acids. Eggs are good for your heart and your brain. There is even a study that suggests that the antioxidants in eggs, if eaten everyday, can minimize the risk of developing cataract.  They are also one of the most nutrient dense foods money can buy and only 80 calories per egg.

100_3281I eat eggs almost everyday from fried, to hard boiled to poached and for my family eggs are our version of fast food.  When we are in a rush or I do not feel like cooking, we eat eggs.  Eggs are also an amazing way to add texture and flavor to some favorite dishes from egg salad to a poached egg on top of a beautiful ceasar salad or an egg yolk in your coffee, Austrian style.

While eggs are amazing, delicious and simple, cooking them can still be a challenge and nothing seemed more elusive than the poached egg.  I filmed a little “how to” video so you can enjoy the magic of poached eggs too.  Have fun cooking!


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